Articles by Yana Yagori

Yana Yagori used to work quickly and effective. She started her journalist career as a newsman and fashion blogger. Recognizing the most actual trends in a modern job market, social media range and technique innovations are Yana’s main goals. "The most important thing in working process is to spot your own schedule of the day" says Yana. – "Well organized person feels comfort, regardless of the circumstances". In the free time Yana cooks, generally Eastern cuisine meals, reads detectives, watches good films and travels outside the city to make some fascinating photos to illustrate posts for her blog.

Awesome science fiction books 2016

All of us remember our childhood and sweet moments of dreaming. Do you remind your childhood wishes: to make a courageous step in the distant future or go back in time and change flow of events? For example, you will never get tired of the science fiction genre. Have you ever had a desire to see a fiery comet, to count stars in the sky, to share the secrets with your best friend? This kind of things adds magic in our lives. You can find stories in fiction books that will remain in your memory for the long time. Read up our list of 10 best fiction books in which we included both of classic and new coming novels... Read more

Tips for writing – how to create an expressive dialogue?

History of the dialogue goes into the distant past times. In the Ancient Greece a dialogue in dramatic arts was really emotional. It was used especially for the recitatives and actor’s monologs. Also, the dialogue is a common literary trick, which ancient philosophers put on their works and everyday conversations.Read more

7 ways to return your inspiration

Are there many ways to demotivate you? Have you ever noticed that your head is full of unique ideas? It’s not a secret – everyone can borrow ideas from the world, which surrounds us. Maybe, you are a type of writer who needs the right mood before the words start to flow? Professional writers say that waiting for inspiration to strike is usually just a striking waste of time.Read more