Ways to work harder and get results

In these uptight times - quality of work is the most important thing. There are many ways to achieve proper results. Most of them involve immense amount of stress. But there are other ways to do it. While some of the advices you may find on Internet may seem a little bit all over the place or deeply irrelevant to your situation - one thing you can take from them is not to trust them at all. Which isn't helping. It's a problem of the modern Internet writing. But it doesn't solve the problem with getting the desired result.

I've spent some time studying all those tips and tricks and made my own thing to help you. Here's a short selection of ways to work harder.


 0. Stop thinking about it

The easiest and most effective way to work harder and get high results is to stop being obsessed with it. That's an easy thing to do. But it is so tempting to think "geez, how I'm going to do that!? I wonder how those folks get it - I feel wretched with all that fuss...". Don't do that, don't even think it's possible - ignore it at all costs. It's a rabbit hole that wastes your time and gets you demotivated the hard way.

OK. This one was one is not really an advice. More of a warning. But this one definitely is.

1. Find more time

Time management is the thing you need to learn as soon as possible. If not - sooner or later, you'll get into beloved trouble of not being able to catch up with all things happening. Studying means you need to know how to spend your time the right way. That's why you should always reconsider what things you should do when.

In short, this means - you can get up a bit earlier and get to bed a bit later. Or do something when you're having lunch. Basically, there's whole lot of time left in between your activities. That makes several spare hours to utilize. Think about all those moments that are basically action-free. That's where the treasure trove is.

2. Cut the crap

If you analyze what are you doing over the course of a single day - you will find out that there a lot of stuff that makes no sense. I mean - what the hell with these nose picking? Come on! Jokes aside - why are you trying to do everything nice? There are things you need to do as close to perfect as possible - your thesis, for example. And then - there are those foolish things like making your notes look nice. Notes are throwaway materials, its purpose is to contain legible information, not to look nice. Get over it. And that's just the tip of the mountain. You can come up with other examples on your own.

3. Keep the pace lean

The faster you work - the more stuff you get done. There's a significant problem with keeping quality that way, but otherwise - it's a nice thing to do. Even if you have somewhere around 8-9 working hours - you don't actually work all the time. You spent a lion's share of that time in-between actions. This can be solved by a proper time management.

Find out when is your up time and down time - and work out your schedule around it. This way - you will get a chance to pack as much things as possible in a short periods of time - so-called "power hours".

Action-wise it's all about the right balance between mechanical and creative activities. For example, during this section you collect the data. And then - you analyze it. And then - you write it down. Next - you're formatting the text, fixing the mistakes and rereading it in every possible way. And then - you skip forwards to another bout of data collecting. And so on and so forth.

Another important thing is avoidance of distractions. Few software fixers can help you with that. Personally, I just shut down all the unnecessary programs through the task managers leaving only the worthy (it is to be said in a very deep Tulsa Doom voice).

4. Take chances - be competitive

They say "dare to fail". And that's true. You should push yourself towards the limit in terms of exploration of the topic. You should make difference. You should make it new. Otherwise - you're working around the clock and doing your time.

Even if your attempt is a little bit abortive and falling apart in every possible way - it is better to fail that way than to produce a piece of insignificant, by-the-book garbage. There's nothing disrespectful in "at least I've tried". It's a beginning of "try - fail - try again - fail better"-routine. Which is the way to perfect yourself.

The thing is - every possibility to do so lies in the foundation of the topic. You just need to do a thorough research of the matter in order to find out untraced tendencies.

5. Stay open to the New

Consider this a cheap shot. If you want to work hard and get super-duper results - you need to stay in a fresh mindset. And that means you need to be open to new ideas that can emerge from anywhere. There's no need in being hostile to the concepts. You just need to consider them. It takes a moment or two. What comes next is a mystery - it can go both ways. Either it will drastically change the way you perceive the topic or it will add nothing to the table and you will move on as if nothing happened.

Anyway, it is important to consider even the most outlandish ideas. Because somewhere in the midst of nonsense is hidden some sort of a game-changing know-how.


That's all for today. Hope you're all enjoyed.