Articles by Stephanie Leavell

Chicago based writer and journalist, specialized mostly at financial analytics. Having more than 10 years of writing experience, she seems to possess perfect knowledge of the subject. She used to be a keen traveler and so far visited around 50 countries worldwide, which has certainly resulted in mind flexibility and ability to analyze different processes from several points of view. In her free time Stephanie enjoys cooking (French cuisine being her top favorite), cycling and snowboarding as being face to face with the nature is what gives her energy and cheer, she says.

3 Things You Should Know About Your Writing Journey

The first time it actually came to my mind that I'm not just doing my job for a living came to me about 6 years ago. It was late 2010, but still, after 6 years, the answer has not quite arrived to me completely. For me, and I'm sure there are plenty of people like me, who really need to know their job is more meaningful. I can't work unless my job is more than just a tool for the money earning.Read more

3 Proven Ways to Avoid Creative Breakdown

I should be honest with you. 
I am scared of bankruptcy. I'm not talking of my incomes. That's nothing to do with money, in fact. What I am horrified of, is when you keep writing and delivering, but each time it takes a little more effort than before to come up with something. This feeling crawls insidiously and slowly, so you barely notice the changes. Like a full water jag needs just a slight turn to pour some water, and then, as it empties, you bend it more and more, until one day you turn it upside down with not even a drop of water coming out. That's what has almost happened to me once.Read more

Navigating the e-payment process. Ukraine and Philippines

While some countries provide a wide selection of solutions for those who refuse the come-to-the-office style of work, some need to take the issue more seriously and spend whole lots of time to find the way to receive their rewards. It can be due to many reasons including the legislative restrictions, the level of the actual country development and keeping up with the global tendencies. However, there's nothing impossible to find when you are actually seeking.Read more