Articles by Ryan Osborne

Originally coming from sunny California, Ryan preferred to move to even sunnier South Asia where he has been living for already 8 years. Ryan has never been that much into office job and 'old school' lifestyle, so the career of designer and writer appeared to be the best solution, his happy life in Bali being the proof of it. "Don't be afraid to follow your own way and you'll see how it pays back" Ryan says. He is currently working on his first book about travelling and lifestyles where he wants to illustrate the story with his own photos. Ryan is also the author of series of lifestyle articles, so make sure you don't miss pieces of useful, interesting and grasping stories from the real expert of the subject.

20+ Freelancing Tools

We have talks about benefits of being a freelance writer every single week. Even if it seems we are mentioning disadvantages, we all know how great the things are actually going. No 9-5, no commuting and no salary pittance. Working from anywhere in the world, controlling and deciding exactly when you want to boost your career, what activities you want to add, what hours are your working hours and what income you shall determine for yourself. No need to mention a pesky boss who wants you to report every little thing you work on, who is totally absent from your life.Read more

How not to become the victim of your freedom

The contemporary way of life and technical progress being a part of it are a huge gift for those who see no point in getting out from home to work or study. Indeed, what's the point in going to the office and spending days at the table? Why doing this when you can stay in, manage your work load and working hours, have enough sleep, eat properly, do sports?.. Why taking a bus every morning when simply opening your laptop is just like opening the door into the world of knowledge, information, work and creativity?Read more

A Day In a Life

As I took a life changing decision to quit the ordinary job and walk an off-the-beaten track of freelance, my lifestyle and vision of things have faced dramatical changes for better. You would probably think, there will be another passage of text giving bright details of life with no schedules, no strict order, flowing like a river, freely and independently. It's not that. I'd rather say, it is a very efficient marker of your self-organization skills and well as your flexibility, responsibility and creative approach.Read more