Articles by Katherine Pollock

If there was a superwoman, that would probably be Katherine. A happy mother of three, she also works as a food stylist ,writer and journalist. Like no one else she knows she'd never manage so many things at once if there was no order in her life. "I used to be very unorganized" Katherine says, - "I could appoint a meeting at 10 a.m. and wake up at 1 p.m. That was fun, but at some point I realized it'll lead me to nowhere". So, when she realized her life is starving some order and rhythm she took the issue seriously, and now you will barely find someone more organized and hasteless than Katherine. Katherine will gladly let us know how to plan, calculate, track, record and do other tricks to get rid of a mess, hustle and bustle.

10 Useful Tips To Improve Your Writing Overnight

No matter if you are just a beginner at writing, or you make it like a pro. We all need to improve what we're doing, for where there's no movement forth, there's movement backwards and decline. I suggest 10 simple tricks that will instantly improve your writing, and this time it's not just another boosting article. Quickly. Efficiently.Read more

How I became a morning person

Early morning, and it's still dark all around me. As a sound of alarm puts my sleep to an end, I reach over it to switch it off. Feels like torture? Pretty much yes. I sit up after a short pause doing my best not to come back to the warm world of blankets and dreams. I swing my legs off the bed. I touch the floor with my feet and check the smartphone. A couple of e-mails, a Twitter Reply, something from Instagram. "Oh well", you think. "I'll just check my instagram feed while I'm trying to wake up my mind too". Ten minutes pass. Twenty minutes pass. Indeed, I'm not sleeping, but I'm not awake either.Read more

How I tried to be a sophisticated writer and how I accidentally liked it

I used to be a part of a writers private community organized in my previous working place. It was meant to be kind of  discussion club or community, and that was an honorable membership, should I say, as everyone who wanted to join had to meet certain criteria including  5 years of writing experience at least. The other companies employees were also very welcomed.  Those couple of years was really, no I mean really  informative. The knowledge we gained was mostly related to how to write, what to write, what's the best way to write and anything to do with the art of writing itself. So imagine how surprised I was when...Read more