How to work when you don’t feel like working

Doing the job is the routine that is absolutely obliged upon you by the mere fact of you retaining a position at your place of work. That's a clumsy sentence. If you won't do your job, then you will have no job at all. And that's a bad thing. It also motivates some to do their jobs.

However, there are times when you just don't feel like working at all. But you need to work anyway. It is absolutely terrifying situation that may collapse your working prospects for some time even resulting in losing the position. Is there any way to solve this pesky problem? Hopefully, there is.


"Not feeling like working" is something of a plague that haunts anyone at some point of their careers. It happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is the domestic troubles that hold you back. Even simple lack of proper sleep is the major factor in stumbling upon the bad groove. In such cases you need to adjust your time management and set your priorities straight. If your work is ruining your life - you better talk it out with somebody before it is too late.

Much of the problem with "not feeling like working" lies in the fact that the job you do is the ultimate routine. Something that repeats over and over again with minimal variations. For example, your job is to write some texts and create content. First you find your ways of doing it. Then you do it for some time with varying degree of success. Then you slowly but surely get bored. You get used to it. And that's where the troubles start.

In order to prevent such thing from happening or in some cases repeating - try to constantly look for different ways of accomplishing your goals. It's a hard way that requires taking irritatingly small steps. With every failing (which will be plenty, believe me) of coming up with new solution and falling back on tried and tested ways - you'll know what works and what's not and get more eager to change your ways in an effective manner. Try not do one thing the same way twice. It is really a gratifying experience worth trying. After a while - you will get used to that and that will bring much needed diversity to your working process.


Working environment is also an important factor. Sheer quantity of distractions can easily turn you off even if you're burning with ideas to realized. Sound distraction are the most brutal. All those clicking and clacking, phone rings, door knocks, walking, tapping on a table, murmur, buzz and hum is almost a kryptonite to a focus. Not only you can't concentrate, you can easily fall into a conflict with your colleagues - something that is better to be avoided at all cost. Easy solution for this problem is purchasing a pair soundproof earphones.


When you happen to find yourself lacking the motivation to do the job - think about why are you doing it? What was the force that drove you? What was exciting about it? Remind yourself of that once in a while. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it before your eyes so every time you feel a bit lost you can look at it get the groove back.

The other important thing is breaking down the working process into digestible bits. You can't and don't have to take everything in one grasp. Take your task - divide it into a series of smaller ones. Set the priorities - what is more important and what can be postponed at the moment. And then - do them one by one without a fuss.

Another crucial thing is not letting yourself down with negative thinking. You should really beware of it. It puts you on a slouch and gives you a perfect opportunity to bang on yourself for your failing. Never-ever do that even if you want. Just do what you need to do. Remember the big picture. If you can't - take a little break, shake the negative fluff off and get back with a fresher look.


As you know - before starting to work - you get in "the mood". This means drawing a line between leisure and work. Usually that means getting relaxed with some music, drinking coffee or watching some lol-cats. Everyone has their own ways of doing it. You need to reward yourself with something upon accomplishing every mission objective on the way to the goal. Every step of the way must be marked by such line and this bring the balance in the working process.

That will also provide an effective relief that will vastly reduce level of stress you might have during the working process. Interestingly enough, even a simple conversation over some insignificant matter with your colleague can help to minimize the stress.

Lack of control, also known as "somebody watching over you", is also a factor in loosening and ultimately losing precious motivation to go on. Putting some sort of limits on yourself is a fine substitute. Take a time limit to finish a certain piece of work or use some really repressive application to keep you cautious of results of your inaction. For an effective time limit - there's a fine application titled Tomato Timer and its companion Egg Timer. For the latter I really recommend you to try The Most Dangerous App. It eliminates with extreme prejudice any text you've typed if you stop typing for more than five second over the course of exhilarating five minutes.


With these advices you will be able to avoid "not feeling like working" to some level and that will lead you to prosperous land of opportunity where everything is within the reach of a hand and requires only to start.