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Gang of Four Useful Writing Tools


Modern times bring lots and lots of things that make the writing process much easier and far more comfortable than it ever was before. However, there is a problem - there are so many of them and it is so easy to get lost in the myriad of various writing tools that offer you so many beautiful things. Hopefully, I've checked several dozen of writing applications for you and chose those that I've found the most effective.

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A Day In a Life

As I took a life changing decision to quit the ordinary job and walk an off-the-beaten track of freelance, my lifestyle and vision of things have faced dramatical changes for better. You would probably think, there will be another passage of text giving bright details of life with no schedules, no strict order, flowing like a river, freely and independently. It's not that. I'd rather say, it is a very efficient marker of your self-organization skills and well as your flexibility, responsibility and creative approach.Read more

Navigating the e-payment process. USA and India.

One of the issues people usually disregard starting their freelance career is a payment solution they will use for actually receiving their earnings. None of us usually keeps in mind there's no more salary, no more checks or any sort of a fixed payment method delivering your reward to you. Thanks to the modern technologies and all those smart enterprising guys, these days there are lots of ways to get paid as a freelancer and the services that make it simple all want a portion of your profits. All that paperwork nonsense and payment checks is nonexistent in a freelance world.Read more