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How not to become the victim of your freedom

The contemporary way of life and technical progress being a part of it are a huge gift for those who see no point in getting out from home to work or study. Indeed, what's the point in going to the office and spending days at the table? Why doing this when you can stay in, manage your work load and working hours, have enough sleep, eat properly, do sports?.. Why taking a bus every morning when simply opening your laptop is just like opening the door into the world of knowledge, information, work and creativity?Read more

How I became a morning person

Early morning, and it's still dark all around me. As a sound of alarm puts my sleep to an end, I reach over it to switch it off. Feels like torture? Pretty much yes. I sit up after a short pause doing my best not to come back to the warm world of blankets and dreams. I swing my legs off the bed. I touch the floor with my feet and check the smartphone. A couple of e-mails, a Twitter Reply, something from Instagram. "Oh well", you think. "I'll just check my instagram feed while I'm trying to wake up my mind too". Ten minutes pass. Twenty minutes pass. Indeed, I'm not sleeping, but I'm not awake either.Read more

3 Things You Should Know About Your Writing Journey

The first time it actually came to my mind that I'm not just doing my job for a living came to me about 6 years ago. It was late 2010, but still, after 6 years, the answer has not quite arrived to me completely. For me, and I'm sure there are plenty of people like me, who really need to know their job is more meaningful. I can't work unless my job is more than just a tool for the money earning.Read more