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How I tried to be a sophisticated writer and how I accidentally liked it

I used to be a part of a writers private community organized in my previous working place. It was meant to be kind of  discussion club or community, and that was an honorable membership, should I say, as everyone who wanted to join had to meet certain criteria including  5 years of writing experience at least. The other companies employees were also very welcomed.  Those couple of years was really, no I mean really  informative. The knowledge we gained was mostly related to how to write, what to write, what's the best way to write and anything to do with the art of writing itself. So imagine how surprised I was when...Read more

20+ Freelancing Tools

We have talks about benefits of being a freelance writer every single week. Even if it seems we are mentioning disadvantages, we all know how great the things are actually going. No 9-5, no commuting and no salary pittance. Working from anywhere in the world, controlling and deciding exactly when you want to boost your career, what activities you want to add, what hours are your working hours and what income you shall determine for yourself. No need to mention a pesky boss who wants you to report every little thing you work on, who is totally absent from your life.Read more