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How to work when you don’t feel like working


Doing the job is the routine that is absolutely obliged upon you by the mere fact of you retaining a position at your place of work. That's a clumsy sentence. If you won't do your job, then you will have no job at all. And that's a bad thing. It also motivates some to do their jobs.

However, there are times when you just don't feel like working at all. But you need to work. It is absolutely terrifying situation that may collapse your working prospects for some time even resulting in losing the position. Is there any way to solve this pesky problem? Hopefully, there is.

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How to start a new writing project successfully?

Have you ever been hitted with a great idea for a unique writing project and started to think how to realize it? You need to think about great amount of project features: avoid devastating experience, planning companies and writing strategies. To be independent writer is trendy now. Art, lifestyle, writing, world of technologies – now you can express yourself in every sphere you’d like to choose. If you decide to try your chances in the literature field, these 5 useful cases will help you to get started.Read more