Message from Charles Bukowski

You all know and probably love Charles Bukowski. He's the guy who was so grounded, so much like you and me albeit with life ten times tougher - you naturally relate to him. His contemplations, observations and attitude make his writing timeless. One of his poems especially strikes me as it is rather handy professional advices

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Utter Beauty of Twitter Bots

Of all the things brought to you by Internet - Twitter is one of the most fascinating. As a form of communication - it is nearly impeccable. Lightning-fast, comfortably compressed, incredibly effective. It is the perfect medium for the conversation in the age of short attention span. It is also a good place for experiments. Twitter bots are amongst them.

In short - twitter bot is a software application that is attached to a Twitter account in order to perform certain actions. Such as liking, following, tweeting, retweeting, etcetera. Aside from usual role in web automated promotion, Twitterbots turned out to be rather interesting tool for literary experimentation with random text generation, text selection and text collaging.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Jokerman

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart needs no introduction. He's one of the most famous and influential composers of his age. He is right there, along with the Holy Trinity of Killer B's: Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, in the middle of the Western Canon - his traces can be detected almost anywhere. His works are the epitome of what we call music. And because of that there is a certain lack of appreciation of his music. We don't really understand the importance of Mozart. We take him for granted.

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